Maths for Parents

(Note under construction - Mar 2007)

As a concerned parent I wanted to coach my children in maths to help them with the Common Entrance exams.

In doing so, I wrote a comprehensive set of notes, which sat around doing nothing for some time. Rather than waste the effort I decided to put them on the web.

They are designed to include topics for pupils up to 13+ who are attempting the various independent school entrance exams.

These notes are in pdf format and can be downloaded from their respective sections, along with some practice questions to hone the basic skills.

(At the time of writing this - not all sections are complete).

All of the material has been developed by me in association with a few friends.

In particular I would like to thank John McCartney and Ginger Hornsey for their extensive help in proof reading my efforts and asking awkward questions.

If you would like to contribute in any way to the project I would be pleased to hear from you - see below or look for the contact page - thanks.

I would be particularly keen to receive any unused 11+ and 13+ example entrance papers that you no longer need.

Eddie Lord
maths 'at' mathsforparents 'dot' co 'dot' uk